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Wynand Murray

Hi Wynand, when did you arrive in the Netherlands?
We arrived in May, 2019.

How did you experience the first few months in the Netherlands?
There was a lot to take in, process and become accustomed to. For the first few months I was in complete awe of how well this country functions. Seeing how clean the streets are, how well the infrastructure is maintained and how incredibly safe living here is. Not sleeping in a house surrounded by electrified fencing and burglar bars took some getting used to. From a working perspective, the journey has been amazing. The friendly and professional personnel at summit developers were always available to help us with any and all questions we had.

Does it feel like home?
After 3 years, it is definitely feeling more like home. Once you learn the language and get used to the many, many different accents and dialects it becomes much easier to start feeling at home.

Do you still live in the same house as in the beginning?
No. We purchased our home in the Netherlands in May 2021 and moved in during August 2021.

How was it to learn the language? Was it easier or harder than expected?
It was definitely a unique and challenging experience, harder than I expected. Knowing Afrikaans certainly helped a lot as there is a significant vocabulary overlap, but the language rules are quite different.

What do you miss most about South Africa?
The weather (even the rain), friends, family, and nature.

What appeals to you most in the Netherlands?
It’s a definite tie between the safety, fantastic work experience and the exploring.

Wynand Murray