About us

summit developers is a software consultancy company. We are part of the Dutch company Aatop ICT. Once you’re employed by summit developers, you’ll get to work on our customers’ projects as a software developer.

Emigrating to the Netherlands is a major step in your life. We completely understand this as employer. This is why we are there to assist you with all the practical matters which form part of a move like this. This could include finding a suitable home, the required paperwork, the IND (that is the Dutch immigration service) process, language courses, etc. We prefer the personal approach.

One additional advantage of a job with summit developers is that all our software developers originate from South Africa. And to make things even better: most of these software developers live in an area in the Netherlands where you’ll be living too. So you won’t be on your own.

We offer software developers the opportunity to come and talk to us every year. We travel to South Africa to conduct these meetings with prospective software developers. Please let us know when you’re interested!


Ton den Hertog

Hi there! My name is Ton den Hertog, and together with my collegues Matthijs and Paulien we work on the success of summit developers.  I work at Aatop ICT and summit developers since 2012. Everyday I enjoy bringing IT professionals and customers together!

Together with my wife and children I live in the beautiful village of Scherpenzeel. I can really enjoy a good glass of wine, South African Shiraz or Pinotage are high on the list. 🙂


Matthijs Visscher

My name is Matthijs Visscher. I work at Aatop ICT since 2004. In 2017 we have started summit developers (as a part of Aatop). With this business unit we are focussing on hiring software developers from South Africa. When we reach out to hire developers we choose the personal touch. That’s part of the DNA of our company and part of who we are.

I was born in 1983, so you can calculate my age yourself 😉 . I’m married. My wife and I are the parents of a beautiful son. I’m very interested in classical music (listening and playing). And I love travelling, especially to Africa.

I hope to meet you soon in real life during on of our next recruitment trips to South Africa.

Paulien van Beek

Hi, my name is Paulien van Beek. I work at Aatop ICT since 2008, and beside of that at summit developers since the start in 2017. I’m enthusiastic about hiring software developers from South Africa, and helping them with the whole emigration process, and with everything what is new in the Netherlands.

A few personal things about me: I am married and I’m mother of a son. I love travelling to different countries and cities. Sport is part of my life. I like to be in the kitchen to make something delicious.