Visa application procedure

If you had a successful application procedure, we’ll offer you an employment contract. In this contract you’ll find all the details, such as salary, secondary conditions of employment and the start date.

Together we’ll make a planning and set a (conceptual) date. When you have provided all necessary documents, we’ll start the online visa application procedure at the IND. Since we are a recognized sponsor, the procedure will be completed within 2 weeks.

After the positive conclusion of the procedure, the IND sends your details to the Dutch embassy in Cape Town or Pretoria. You’ll need to visit the embassy to complete the procedure, by taking fingerprints and passing passport photos which meet the requirements for Dutch travel documents.

After that appointment a second appointment is made to collect your MVV. ​The MVV is a sticker that the Dutch representation places in the passport. Once you have collected your MVV, you can travel to the Netherlands. The MVV is valid for 90 days.

After arriving in the Netherlands the first thing you do is picking up your residence permit.