Why are you reaching out to developers in South Africa?

There are several reasons for that. First of all: a lot of South Africans consider immigration. But of course there are more reasons: 1) when you speak Afrikaans, learning Dutch will be much easier; 2) we have a good experience with the work attitude and professionals skills of South African software developers.

What kind of assistance do you give with the immigration process?

We help you with every step of the immigration process. This includes: finding you a suitable (and affordable) house in the Netherlands, getting the visa for you (and if applicable: your family), setting up your new life in the Netherlands, etc.

What are the benefits of living in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is offering you a safe environment and a systems that works. Futhermore we have an excellent health care system and a free education for children. You’ll get a visa which gives you access to the whole Schengen-area. Cities like Paris, Berlin, Vienna: they are not far away anymore. And: no loadshedding 🙂

How does the visa procedure works?

As soon there is a signed employment contract we’ll start with the visa application procedure. We apply for your visa. It’s a quick process.

Can my partner and children get a visa as well?

Yes! And to make it even more beautiful: your partner is allowed to work in the Netherlands and there are no requirements other then the requirements which are applicable for all Dutch citizens. And your children can go to school for free.

Do you assist with getting the Home Affairs documents in order?

We give you a proper advise which documents you need and how you can get them in the most easy and fastest way.

How experienced are you in helping immigrating software developers?

We are recruiting South African software developers since October 2017 and since then we have hired over 50 software developers. They have been immigrated to the Netherlands. When you are keen to read their stories, please go to the page with testimonies.

I would like to meet you in person before I make a final decision. Is that possible?

We are often in South Africa for interviews. We only hire people after meeting them in person.

Do I have a vote in which customer I am going to work for?

Of course yes!

How fast can the immigration be realised?

Sometimes it can go really fast. The quickest immigration we have realised happened within 5 weeks after signing the employment contract. Sometimes it take a bit longer, but we are specialized in speeding up the immigration procedure.

What if I am interested to immigrate, but I can’t make the move on the short term?

That’s no problem. In that case we can make a plan together, which we regularly do. We understand that there can be personal situation why immigration can’t realized within a couple of months.

Is there a community of South Africans in the Netherlands?

Yes. There are a lot of South Africans living in the Netherlands. They are general Facebook-groups. And of course we also bring you in in contact with the developers and their families who has been immigrated with us.

Convinced this is the right step for you? Then send your CV to [email protected]. Would you like some no obligation information first? Not a problem. Please contact Ton den Hertog via [email protected] or via Whatsapp on +31627113080.