Highly Skilled Migrant

When you want to work as a software developer in the Netherlands, and you are not a EU-citizen, you’ll need the status of Highly Skilled Migrant (in Dutch: Kennismigrant). We will help you with getting this status by following a certain procedure.

Being a Highly Skilled Migrant means you need to meet certain standards, with which you prove you are essential for the Dutch economy:

  • You have an employment agreement with a Dutch company, which is ‘recognized sponsor’.
  • You must earn sufficient income
  • With the help of an antecedents certificate you declare that you have not been in contact with the police or judicial authorities
  • After arrival, but within 3 months, you need to go for a TB-test

Based on this status you can enter the Netherlands and you can live and work here. Also you can travel in the Schengen-area (which is actually the whole EU, extended with some other European countries). Your status of Highly Skilled Migrant is based on the job you have at our company. As long you have a job at a company which is ‘recognized sponsor’ you can live and work in the Netherlands as long as you want.

As a Highly Skilled Migrant it is possible to bring your partner and/or children with you.

You can find more information about Highly Skilled Migrants at this page of the IND.