Why South Africa

You may well be thinking: “Why is summit developers focussed on recruiting software developers from South Africa?” Good question!

There has been a major shortage of software developers (specifically .NET and Java) in the Netherlands for many years. This is why we decided to build up a team of software developers, allowing us to serve our customers. We specifically opted for South Africa in this process. The many similarities between South Africa and the Netherlands is the reason for this.


To start with, the language. Afrikaans is very much like Dutch, in fact, it emerged from it. If you speak Afrikaans slowly and we speak Dutch slowly, you’ll find that we’ll be able to understand a good 80-90% of what we are both saying. In our experience it’s relatively easy for South Africans, with Afrikaans as their native language, to learn Dutch. Many words are very similar. Dutch grammar is quite complex, but we offer all our employees a professional 1-on-1 language course, allowing you to quickly and fully command the Dutch language.


We have found that South Africans’ attitude to work and cultural experiences are very similar to the Netherlands/Western Europe. This means South Africans will quickly feel at home in the Dutch culture and within the Dutch business community.


Any Degree, Bachelor or Honours in IT realised in South Africa will give you the same training and knowledge level as those who completed IT courses in the Netherlands.