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They live in the Netherlands for a few years now

How did they experience it?

  • Elzaan van Tonder
    Elzaan van Tonder
    "The first few months were a whirlwind of experiences and emotions. Finding our way in a new country, leaning a new...
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  • Shaun Venter
    Shaun Venter
    "It definitely feels like home, even when we go back to visit family and friends in South Africa, we end up missing...
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  • Marco Rosslee
    Marco Rosslee
    "There are so many things we love about the Netherlands."
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  • Hendrik Milne
    Hendrik Milne
    "With me and my wife both working, we feel the work-life balance is great! We can have more family time."
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  • Wynand Murray
    Wynand Murray
    "It's a definite tie between the safety, fantastic work experience and the exploring."
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  • Johnathan Salmon
    "We can confidently say that the Netherlands IS our home."
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  • Nick de Beer
    Nick de Beer
    "You can braai anywhere, right? 😉"
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  • Tinus Groenewald
    Tinus Groenewald
    "Each day feels a little more like home."
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  • Cleo Muller
    Cleo Muller
    "What helped me was that I speak Dutch at work and my colleagues helped me to get better."
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  • Pieter le Loux
    Pieter le Roux
    "We enjoy the work-life balance culture in the Netherlands."
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  • Philip Kruger
    "I enjoy the weather (despite the fact that most people complain about it). The wind, is one thing about Cape Town...
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  • Christoff Boshoff
    "There are shops here that sell biltong and other South African foods."
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  • Justin van der Westhuizen
    Justin van der Westhuizen
    "When we are away we miss our home here in the Netherlands."
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  • Bernard Visagie
    Bernard Visagie
    "For our son who was born here, the Netherlands will be the only home he has ever known."
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  • Devon Volkwyn
    Devon Volkwyn
    "In just two years, we’ve had the opportunity to buy our own house."
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  • Pieter Linde
    Pieter Linde
    "My advice to anyone moving to the Netherlands is - Do not throw away your summer clothes, it gets very hot in the...
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  • Faizer Faker
    Faizer Faker
    "Our children have adjusted well and are settled and happy at school."
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  • Trishan Vassan
    Trishan Vassan
    "I have a good routine, made some great friends, and get to experience new things all the time."
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  • Andries Pretorius
    "I bought a bicycle when I realized that it was one of the main modes of transport in the Netherlands."
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  • Kevin Terblanche
    "Public transport is awesome. Being able to get around everywhere without a car is something I love."
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  • Karl de Busser
    "Even though a lot of family live in South Africa, I still feel more at home in the Netherlands."
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  • Matthew Spencer
    "The strong job security in the Netherlands significantly enhances its appeal as an ideal place to live and work."
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