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Matthew Spencer

In July 2022, we welcomed Matthew Spencer in the Netherlands. Read more about the experiences of Matthew.

Matthew, why did you emigrate to the Netherlands?
With the increasing demand for IT specialists in Europe, and particularly in the Netherlands, I felt that it would be a great space to grow my career as a software developer. In addition to this, the opportunity was right, with my girlfriend having Greek citizenship, she could move to Europe as well. With summit developers also having secured two positions at a company in Rotterdam, for both me and a friend of mine, I could not have turned down the opportunity. With these factors in mind, I made the decision to emigrate to the Netherlands.

Can you tell us something how you do like the Netherlands?
I have really enjoyed the safety of the Netherlands, the incredibly efficient public services such as the transport network, among other aspects. This is in stark contrast to South Africa, where we had no other option other than to use cars to travel anywhere, as public transport was dangerous and therefore not used by many. In addition to this, the Netherlands is an incredibly beautiful country, and I have enjoyed seeing some of the historically important buildings and areas in a few cities since arriving in mid 2022.

Please tell us something about the projects you are currently working on.
I am currently working on re-developing a content management system for publications at ISSO. This is being developed in Javascript for the front-end web application, and Python for back-end API integration, along with some 3rd party libraries and systems to make the system more efficient and useful for the end users. This tech-stack is relatively new to me, and therefore it has been interesting both in self-development, in learning new development methodologies and languages, and in advancing the platform to better suit the needs of ISSO’s customers. For me, this is the best of both worlds, where you can be challenged and ‘learn on the job’, while also being able to produce valuable input for the business.

Did the process of emigration go smoothly?
I believe the process went incredibly well, and with summit developers closely working with the IND, they were able to obtain my work visa within just a few weeks. With guidance and support from summit developers, the entire process all the way up to handing over the keys for the apartment could not have gone better. Even during this turbulent time in the housing market, summit developers were able to arrange a great apartment close to work, and at a reasonable rent. Scouring the interent for hours on end and meeting with rental agencies made this possible.

Can you explain to the South Africans who are considering to go overseas how you did experience the support from us?
The tailor crafted support which summit developers have provided has been incredible, and I would recommend them to any software developer trying to emigrate to the Netherlands. All the way from first contact with Ton and Matthijs, to meeting them in person and getting the keys to the new apartment has been both efficient and a great experience. They are always willing to help, and often took calls and had meetings after hours to discuss and manage the process of emigration, or to simply answer questions which I had.