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Justin van der Westhuizen

Hi Justin, when did you arrive in the Netherlands?
Hi, I arrived in the Netherlands in August of 2021.

How did you experience the first few months in the Netherlands?
It was very overwhelming the first couple of months, but to be fair we also had our first baby 3 months after arriving here. Thus after about 6 months we started feeling more settled and comfortable.

Does it feel like home?
Yes and no, we still miss South Africa and our families a lot, but when we are away we also miss our home here. We recently purchased our first house and it is a really exciting time and will also help to make it feel more like home.

Do you still live in the same house as in the beginning?
Currently yes, but we recently purchased our first house and are moving very soon.

How was it to learn the language? Was it easier or harder than expected?
It only took a couple of weeks to get the hang of understanding the language, but properly speaking it is something I still can’t do after 2 years. I am fluent enough for day to day “chit chat” but I work in an English office, so do not use it in the professional environment often.

What do you miss most about South Africa?
Friends and family.

What appeals to you most in the Netherlands?
The peaceful living and the clear picture of a good future for my family and especially my daughter.

Justin van der Westhuizen