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Cleo Muller

Hi Cleo, when did you arrive in the Netherlands?
My husband and I arrived in January 2020.

How did you experience the first few months in the Netherlands?
Both my husband and I moved around quite a bit in South Africa so I was used to packing up and leaving but moving to The Netherlands was the toughest move for both of us because we moved at the beginning of the pandemic and there was so much uncertainty. So we had to figure out how to navigate life in a new country and how to navigate life in a pandemic. The first few months was a rollercoaster and scary because no one knew what was going to happen, but with the help of summit developers we were able to figure things out and we couldn’t be happier that we made the move.

Does it feel like home?

Do you still live in the same house as in the beginning?
No, we bought a house in 2021 and now live in Zoetermeer.

How was it to learn the language? Was it easier or harder than expected?
It was tough because our classes started and stopped so many times because of the pandemic but what helped me was that I speak Dutch at work and my colleagues helped me to get better.

What do you miss most about South Africa?
The weather and my family.

What appeals to you most in the Netherlands?
Definitely the ease of travel but also the quality of life and the safety.

Cleo Muller