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AJ Williams

AJ Williams arrived in the Netherlands in September 2023. Read more about the experiences of AJ.

AJ, why did you emigrate to the Netherlands?
I’ve had the ambition to move to Europe ever since high school. With the increasing demand for software developers and plethora of tech hubs in the Netherlands it seemed like the obvious choice. Of course there are other factors that influenced my decision, such as the world class infrastructure, emphasis on a good work-life balance, and low crime rates.

Can you tell us something how you do like the Netherlands?
I find the Netherlands to be a very unique and beautiful country. A distinct difference to South Africa is that punctuality and efficiency is deeply ingrained in the culture here and this is evidenced by the well-functioning public sector. Coming from South Africa, it is also worth mentioning how much safer it is. Things that might seem unimaginable to do in South Africa are perfectly normal here, such as walking or riding a bike late at night.

Please tell us something about the projects you are currently working on.
I am working for an organization called ISSO, which provides books, publications, and other resources to people seeking knowledge in the building sector. The project which I am working on is a platform for learning, it functions as a library where people are able to look up and purchase material required for certain aspects of building in order to garner diplomas or competencies in their respective fields. We are using a Python (FastAPI) backend and Next.js + Tailwind CSS frontend.

Did the process of emigration go smoothly?
Having to deal with home affairs in South Africa is never a pleasant experience. However, everything to do with summit developers and the IND went incredibly well. I received my visa in a matter of weeks and registration upon arrival went smoothly. The guidance and support from summit developers helped a lot with making the process of emigration less stressful. Even with the current housing shortage in the Netherlands, they were able to arrange a great apartment close to work.

Can you explain to the South Africans who are considering to go overseas how you did experience the support from us?
Working with summit developers has been a great experience. The team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience of both the immigration and settling-in process and would recommend them to any software developer interested in making the move to the Netherlands.