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Implementation Consultant (emigration to the Netherlands)

As an Implementation Consultant, you will be responsible for accurately defining the functional and software-related requirements of customers. You play an essential role in describing and optimizing business processes, with a specific focus on knowledge management. Additionally, you will make minor technical adjustments and provide training to customers to ensure they get the most out of our systems. Furthermore, you will serve as the point of contact for ad hoc support, responding quickly and efficiently to customer questions or issues.

Your tasks will include:

  • Defining functional and software-related requirements of customers
  • Describing and optimizing business processes, with an emphasis on knowledge management
  • Implementing minor technical changes to realize adjustments
  • Conducting training sessions for customers to enhance their knowledge and usage of our systems
  • Offering fast and effective ad hoc support to customers for questions or issues.

Who are you

We only have a few basic requirements.

  • Experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in mapping business processes.
  • Experience with processes in call centers/customer contact centers, familiarity with the concept of ‘omnichannel.’
  • Some experience with technical management (SQL, scripts, etc.)
  • Afrikaans is your home languague.

Other information

Our client

Our client is a specialized organization in knowledge management, focusing on customers within the world of call centers and customer contact centers.

Additional Information:

  • Relocating to the Netherlands is crucial for this role.
  • We, as summit developers, will provide full support during the emigration process, including obtaining necessary visas and housing.
  • Please only apply if you intend to emigrate to the Netherlands before December 31, 2023.

Job offer

  • An excellent, competitive salary
  • A NS Business Card that fully covers your commuting expenses.
  • Excellent 1-on-1 language lessons. These lessons will help you master the Dutch language much more quickly than you can imagine


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