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Who we are

summit developers is a software consultancy company. We are part of the Dutch company Aatop ICT. Once you’re employed by summit developers, you’ll get to work on our customers’ projects as a software developer.

We offer software developers the opportunity to talk to us every year. We travel to South Africa to conduct these meetings with prospective software developers. Please let us know when you’re interested!

These people have made the move
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We decided to move to the Netherlands because we’ve always wanted to explore Europe. The Netherlands is right in the middle of Europe, so it makes it easy for us to visit different European destinations. We also wanted to live in a safe and secure environment where we can build a stable and happy life, long term. summit developers were a big help on our journey. Right from the start, they supported us and guided us through each step.

I’ve always wanted to explore Europe and thought an opportunity to work in the Netherlands makes the most sense. Thus, when summit developers approached me regarding a working opportunity, it was a no brainer! The emigration process went very smoothly. I honestly thought it would be much more difficult and challenging than it turned out to be. summit developers played a big role in the seamless emigration process.

We chose to relocate to the Netherlands for a brighter future. The primary factors influencing my choice were the instability of India and South Africa and the uncertain prospects it held for both my family and me. I was also drawn to the Netherlands for its excellent healthcare system and its strategic location in the heart of Europe. Exploring the country had always been a dream of mine, and I was intrigued by the work culture in the Netherlands.

Most importantly we wanted the best possible environment for our daughter to grow up in, and the Netherlands is a great choice due to the quality of life, their education system and health care. The quality of life is just so much better. Everything from the food, to the infrastructure that just always works. I could not believe how smoothly everything went from the initial interview with Ton and Mathijs, up until landing and settling in the Netherlands.

I wanted a better life for me, and my partner. We both had a strong pull towards the Netherlands. We wanted to be closer to the rest of the world and all the experiences it has to offer. What better choice than the Netherlands? It’s a great country both functional and cultural. I also wanted to explore new frontiers in my career. The company summit found for me is exactly what I envisioned.

We chose to emigrate to the Netherlands primarily to secure a more stable and prosperous future for our children. The country offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, which was a significant draw for us. Additionally, the emphasis on safety and the allure of easier European travel aligned well with our love for adventure and exploring new places.

Why move to The Netherlands?

  • Exciting job opportunities

    The work experience is very valuable and rewarding, projects are interesting and employees are treated well. Companies invest in tech and people and you are encouraged to learn.

  • Greater level of safety

    The level of safety compared to South Africa is far greater in The Netherlands. It is a great country to raise children. It has a good education system and a safe environment to grow up in with lots of freedom.

  • Excellent work/life balance

    The Netherlands provide an excellent work-life balance. This means that you will have enough time left to enjoy your family and explore The Netherlands and Europe together!


    . 1
    step 1 Send us your CV

    We will take a detailed look at your CV and subsequently quickly get in touch with you. Does your CV match our requirements? Then we’ll plan in a Teams interview.

    . 2
    step 2 Face-to-face meeting

    Did the Teams interview go well? We organise face-to-face meetings in South Africa several times a year. This could be held in either Johannesburg or Cape Town.

    . 3
    step 3 Start your new job in The Netherlands

    Would you like to work with us and would we like to work with you? Then we’ll offer you an employment contract and start planning a date for your move to the Netherlands.

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